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Fungi hunting in Norfolk

This is an excellent time of the year for finding weird and wonderful Fungi. The parks and countryside in Norfolk offer lots of opportunities for Fungi hunters. Fungi are an interesting and relatively easy subject to photograph. And at the same time, there’s the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air, exercise and some beautiful golden woodlands.

One of my favourite locations is the woods at Blickling Park, where a huge range of Fungi can be found (if you look hard enough). But be quick. Fungi thrive best when the weather switches between damp and dry conditions. The recent foggy mornings and sunny afternoons have been perfect for Fungi. But as soon as the first Winter frosts arrive, that’s usually calls an end to the season.

Autumn 2011 at Blickling Woods, Norfolk

Here are some of my Fungi snaps from recent years:

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  1. Thanks for the excellent Photos. Going to Blickling Park with my camera and hunting for Mushrooms is my favorite way to pass a damp Saturday morning in November.


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